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Buy most profitable cryptocurrency mining hardware

We offer one of the best cryptocurrency mining shop. In other words if you are looking for high quality and reliable bitcoin mining hardware, then don't look any further!

Get your optimal hardware for any coin mining. For instance if you are looking for Kadena mining hardware or the well known Bitcoin mining hardware, we got it all!

Therefore you are in the right place and can start enjoying crypto mining!


Most Profitable Cryptocurrency Mining Equipment

Why choose our cryptocurrency mining equipment ?

At the beginning, most miners used their own CPU for coin mining, but very quickly this was not enough to mine in quantity. Miners then moved to using their Graphic Cards (GPUs) because they were able to hash data up to 100 times faster and consumed much less power per unit of work.

Over time, the conditions to mine in high quantity became very hard and people who wanted a decent ROI were in need for much more powerful cryptocurrency mining equipment.

That’s why ASIC Kings offers you the most profitable ASIC Miners!

As experts in crypto mining, we value high quality in service and products!

A reliable cryptocurrency mining equipment is important. Let us help you find the best ASIC miner. In our big and diverse crypto mining shop, you will find anything from Bitcoin, Kadena, Dash and Decred miners to Doge, Ethereum, LiteCoin and Grin mining hardware. There is something for everyone.

We know that each miner has his own needs in terms of GPU quality and power. Many of the existing cryptocurrency mining hardware are very expensive with no better quality than the standards. That’s why we offer you affordable mining hardware and high quality products. Wait no longer and buy your cryptocurrency mining machine now! Check out our WEB-SHOP and compare our bitcoin mining hardware!

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What our customers say

The units came with all the things to start mining! I bought one in the past from the factory and it did not come with the power supply cable.
But with ASIC Kings, different story, they send all needed cables too (the factory did not!) Thank you !

Mark L. Smith

I received my Jasminer X4 and GoldShell KD5 in just one week after ordering! Everything worked as expected and the setup guide is easily understandable. Also thank you for the tips ASIC Kings!

John L. Beaumont

Purchased an Bitmain Antminer E9 3Gh/s with PSU and works great, very prompt delivery and professional customer support. I will give you a thumbs up, thanks!

Garry Lester